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With the help of policy Dongfeng, this aircraft carrier formation in the nuclear medicine industry claims to be the Ali of Chinas nuclear medicine!

2020-04-28 11:33

Entering the second quarter of 2018, for Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical, it can be said that there are frequent good news.


On April 9th, the National Health and Family Planning Commission announced the release of the approval authority for PET-CT and other large-scale medical equipment configuration certificates. On the same day, Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals formally completed the acquisition of Adike, which is the only two PET-CT imaging products in China. One of the agent manufacturers.


Public information shows that 18F-FDG, the main product of Adike, is widely used in PET-CT imaging diagnosis. Therefore, this layout of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is expected to catch a ride on the policy dividend.


In fact, since 2015, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has been very optimistic about the prospects of the market segment of radionuclide drugs, and has added full power to the company’s "third carriage". Currently, it has acquired a total of 6 holdings or shares. Nuclear medicine companies intend to become "Ali, SF Express and Huawei" in the field of nuclear medicine.


▍The industry is in a period of rapid growth, the opportunities outweigh the challenges


According to industry statistics, in 2016, global radiopharmaceutical sales reached 4.67 billion U.S. dollars and are expected to reach 7.27 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.3%. In terms of the distribution of the global drug release market, the United States accounts for 38%, Europe accounts for 24%, and China accounts for less than 7%. The small amount and variety of domestic radiopharmaceuticals has become a major bottleneck in the development of domestic nuclear medicine.


In addition, the development of diagnostic drugs and therapeutic drugs in my country's radiopharmaceuticals is relatively unbalanced. Diagnostic nuclide drugs account for about 80% of the total nuclide drug market, and therapeutic drugs account for only 20%.


In recent years, with the progress of domestic nuclear medicine and the continuous improvement of national and public awareness of radiopharmaceuticals, the domestic radiopharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, with sales revenue increasing by 25% per year. It is estimated that the total domestic market will reach 10 billion yuan by 2020, realizing huge volume. With the successive approval of new therapeutic nuclide drugs, the development momentum of therapeutic nuclide drugs is growing rapidly, and the growth rate far exceeds that of diagnostic nuclide drugs.


From the perspective of the degree of enterprise development, there were more than 20 domestic radiopharmaceutical manufacturers, which were small and scattered, weak in innovation and promotion, and lacked leaders; in comparison, because of the long development time of foreign radiopharmaceuticals , The technical level is relatively advanced, mostly concentrated in the high-end market, domestic and foreign brands have formed a certain market difference.


In this regard, industry insiders predict that with the increase in the training of domestic nuclear medicine talents, the strengthening of systems and norms, the improvement of quality control and safety, the increase of domestic nuclear medicine drugs and domestic nuclear medicine instruments, new technologies and methods of nuclear medicine With the emergence of nuclear medicine in China, like nuclear medicine in the United States, nuclear medicine in China will also be widely recognized in clinical practice, with increasing popularity and increasing international influence, and nuclear medicines will play an increasingly greater clinical role.


In fact, in addition to releasing the approval authority for large-scale medical equipment such as PET-CT, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries and commissions to promote the development of localization of medical equipment will also help promote the application of nuclide drugs. Public information shows that companies with advanced nuclear medicine imaging equipment manufacturing technologies such as Shanghai United Imaging and Ruishikang have risen rapidly.


In the entire domestic nuclear medicine imaging equipment market, as of the end of 2015, there were 239 PET (CT/MR) (20.20% growth rate) and 370 SPECT (increased growth rate 11.45%). These all indicate that China’s nuclear medicine industry is in a rapid pace. During the rising period, the opportunities for Chinese nuclide drug companies outweigh the challenges.


▍The "third carriage" builds the company's new core competitiveness


Seeing the development trend of the industry, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical, which started with heparin raw materials, began to actively deploy the "third carriage" of the nuclear medicine sector.


Since 2015, the company has successively acquired the therapeutic radiopharmaceutical production platform represented by Yunke Pharmaceutical, the radiopharmaceutical research and development platform represented by Yitai Pharmaceutical, and the instant labeling and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals represented by Shanghai Xinke Platform, etc., as well as the latest integration this year, the successful acquisition of Adike for 1.6 billion.


Among them, the subsidiary Yunke Pharmaceutical relies on the China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute to actively research, design and build a special medical isotope production reactor (MIPR), which can produce 99Mo, 131I and 89Sr at the same time, which is helpful to solve the shortage of medical nuclides in my country and grasp the upstream of the industry. Resources have extremely far-reaching significance.


Industry insiders pointed out that this series of integration and mergers and acquisitions has greatly consolidated Dongcheng Pharmaceutical's leading position in the nuclear drug market.


Through this acquisition of Adike, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical will also complete the full coverage of single-photon drugs and positron drugs, diagnostic drugs and therapeutic drugs, and become a provider of nuclide drugs and nuclear medicine solutions with a complete industry chain .


In fact, from the 2017 annual report of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical, nuclear medicine, as the "third carriage", has become the strongest driving force for the company's performance growth. In 2017, the company's operating income was 1.6 billion yuan, and the net profit was 173 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.83%. Among them, the operating income of nuclide drugs accounted for 36.97% of the company's operating income.


Analysis from a third-party brokerage firm believes that under the complicated market situation, Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals can actively adapt to the new normal of the industry. On the one hand, the three major businesses of "raw materials, general preparations, and nuclear medicine" have maintained beyond their respective industry segments. On the other hand, the company actively promotes the extensional acquisition in the nuclear medicine field, continues to integrate domestic nuclear medicine resources, and builds the company's new core competitiveness.


Brokers predict that in 2018, the company's active advancement in the field of nuclear medicine will continue to expand.


It is intended to become "Ali, Huawei and SF Express" in the nuclear medicine industry.


With the inclination of policies and regulations and the building of talent teams, my country's nuclear medicine industry has been looking forward to the emergence of "dark horses" and even leaders. With the liberalization of policies, the installed capacity of PET-CT in medical institutions will increase, and the demand for PET-CT imaging agents will further increase. Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals will undoubtedly benefit from market expansion and become an industry leader.


At present, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has made the nuclear medicine industry a strategic priority for the company in the next 10 years. Its strategic policy is "to get involved in the upstream, integrate downstream, and lay out the frontier." ".


▍"Secret Weapon"-Nuclear Pharmacy


In order to achieve the above goals, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is strategically implementing its "secret weapon"-nuclear pharmacy. Because of the short half-life limitation of nuclide drugs, it needs to be deployed nationwide, that is, it needs to be built nationwide for radioactive instant labeling of drugs or A nuclide drug production and distribution center integrating the production, management, distribution and service of positron nuclide drugs.


The nuclear pharmacy was originally created by Dongcheng Xinke Company to provide radioactive drugs to medical institutions in China. In 2016, Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals acquired Dongcheng Xinke


, And obtained the latter’s 2 radiopharmaceutical production bases and 7 radionuclear pharmacies in China. And the newly acquired Adike has 7 nuclear pharmacies already in use. Combined with the number of self-built companies, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical currently has 30 nuclear pharmacies in China.


In the next three years, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical will build another 30 nuclear pharmacies on the basis of the existing 30 nuclear pharmacies. The company hopes that through solid development, Dongcheng will become the Ali of nuclear medicine on the nuclear medicine platform; Dongcheng will become the Huawei of nuclear medicine in terms of nuclear medicine innovation; and Dongcheng will be transformed into the nuclear medicine distribution. SF of nuclear medicine; Dongcheng Pharmaceutical will become the king in the field of nuclear medicine. A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier formation "Dongcheng Nuclear Medicine" has set sail and is heading to the world.


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