Social Responsibility / RESPONSIBILITY

Social Responsibility


Occupational Health Management


The company conducts the “physical checkup of three positions”, particularly the onboarding occupational health examination, strictly prohibits onboarding of the staff who fail to pass the physical checkup, and requires the staff who resigns from the hazard-exposing positions to sign on the work handover form and confirm the effectiveness of the physical checkup upon resignation; the Administrative Department organizes the physical checkup on the job every year, and the staff signs on the physical checkup reports for confirmation. They organize the re-examination of those who are found abnormal in the physical checkup, track them and report to the EHS Department if they still fail to pass the physical checkup. The department coordinates and organizes the transfer of the staff with occupational contraindications away from the original positions, and then these staff are rechecked three months after being transferred away from the hazard-exposing positions. The EHS Department shall be responsible for the reporting of the occupational health examination and the physical checkup. 

Regularly organize the hazard factor testing at the workplace and notify employees.


Technical Measures for Protection against Occupational Hazards


The company strictly adheres to the “three simultaneous” occupational health construction program, and takes the technical measures for protection against the identified occupational hazards. It regularly tests the occupational hazard factors and sets up the occupational hazard notification cards at the entrance of workplaces, which are filled with the real monitoring results.

The bulletin boards are set in offices and workplaces, covering occupational health laws and regulations, occupational health rules and codes, and occupational hazard monitoring reports, etc.

The occupational hazards are mitigated through engineering control and personnel protection. The workplaces with potential occupational hazards are provided with the protective equipment that conforms to the national and industry standards.


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