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Yantai Dongcheng Dayang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Yantai Dongcheng Dayang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise committed to the R&D, production and sale of drugs. The company has more than 160 employees, 62% of whom are college graduates or above. It has formed a talent echelon with the integrated operation of preparation R&D, production, marketing, procurement and quality. The company firmly believes that: a professional, young and team-oriented talent team is the most valuable resource advantage and the core competitive power of the company.

At present, the company mainly produces hard capsules, tablets, granules and dripping pills. By now, it has owned the operation rights of 22 varieties, 23 production approval numbers and 2 Class II medical devices.

The company has 23 approval numbers of products. The key products include the golden single product included in the national medical insurance with the exclusive specification - “Wind Dispelling Itch Relieving-Granule” in 3g pack, a children’s dermatological drug; the mainstream product “Ambroxol Hydrochloride Dispersible Tablets”, which is included in the national medical insurance and the National Essential Medicines List and can quickly and easily dispel phlegm; “Wind Dispelling Itch Relieving Granule” in 6g pack, which is included in the national medical insurance with the dosage for children’s use; “Metformin Hydrochloride and Glibenclamide Tablets (I)”, which is included in the local medical insurance and can steadily reduce the blood glucose level; and the anti-allergy drug “Clemastine Fumarate Tablets” included in the local medical insurance.

The company operates two Class II medical device products, which adopt the mainstream means of non-invasive diagnostic medical testing, thus being suitable for a variety of age groups, and able to effectively and accurately detect Helicobacter pylori in the human body.

The company has two workshops for the solid preparation and pre-treatment extraction, both of which have passed the new version of GMP certification. The company has four dosage forms: capsules, tablets, granules and dripping pills, with an annual production capacity of 1 billion pills, 500 million tablets, 60 million packs of granules and 350 million capsules, which can effectively guarantee the self-sales demand and undertake the commissioned production business.

The quality inspection center is located on the first floor of the company’s solid preparation building. It has more than 100 sets of inspection instruments, and is equipped with the professional inspectors, so its inspection capabilities and conditions can meet the production needs.


Add:No.7 ChangBaiShan Road, Yantai Development Zone, ShanDong, China
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