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Nanjing JYAMS Electronic Research & Development Co., Ltd.

Dongcheng AMS Pharmaceutical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical (SZ002675) that is originated from AMS.


The company, established in 1999 in Hong Kong, took the development direction of “Early Diagnosis, Precision Therapy”, with the responsibility of promoting the popularization and application of the civilian non-power nuclear technology in the medical field.


With the Radiopharmaceuticals Network and Cyclotron DBO Solution, the company offers the total solution of radiopharmaceuticals for its nuclear medicine customers.


The company currently has built nearly 30 “radiopharmaceuticals production and distribution centers” (including those under construction) in accordance with the GMP requirements in East China, North China, Central China, South China, Northwest China, Southeast China and Northeast China, which constitute a networked production and supply system covering most of the country. The company carries out innovative R&D of nuclear radiopharmaceuticals through various methods such as self-research, cooperation, and project initiation, and has been continuously enriching the branches of self-research and project initiation.


The company, with the medical cyclotron of Sumitomo Heavy Industries at the core, integrates the chemical synthesis module, radiation monitoring system, quality control system and auxiliary hot chamber and ancillary facilities, in order to provide the customers with the worry-free solution of Design, Building and Operation. It has already provided the cyclotron system and DBO services to more than 60 domestic customers.


In 2018, AMS was acquired by and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical (SZ002675) and an important part of the nuclear medicine sector of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical. In 2019, in order to perfect its networked system of radiopharmaceutical production and supply, the company acquired and controlled Guangdong Cyclotron Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Cyclotron Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., Kunming Cyclotron Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Cyclotron Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2020, the company acquired and controlled Mitro (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. With the core technology of molecular imaging, it carries out vital imaging, dynamic quantification, self-control, continuous observation and other researches, which helps pharmaceutical companies greatly shorten their R&D period, reduce the risk of failure, and accelerate the process of new drug going on the market. The company has now become a domestic molecular imaging medicine R&D outsourcing (MI-CRO) enterprise. Meanwhile, Mitro (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has become the company's transformation service platform for new radiopharmaceuticals under research, which has improved the constitution of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical's industrial ecosystem.


The company has been approved as "High-tech Enterprise", "Nanjing Radiopharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center", "Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center", "Graduate Workstation of Jiangsu Province" and other qualification honors.

Add:No.7 ChangBaiShan Road, Yantai Development Zone, ShanDong, China
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